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Applying to Northwestern

Northwestern seeks to attract and enroll a student body of high ability, one that reflects a variety of talents, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences, thereby contributing to the diversity of the Northwestern community and the enrichment of the undergraduate experience.

Northwestern's application and admissions process presents you with the opportunity to paint a full picture of yourself, showing your academic achievements, extracurricular interests, writing ability, and personality. Each application is carefully reviewed by several members of the admission committee. Seeking information beyond school transcripts and test scores, we take into account your involvement outside of class, read your essays to get a better sense of your interests, and review recommendations from secondary school teachers and counselors to add additional perspective to your achievements.

In this section you will find information about application deadlines, instructions, and required forms, allowing you to plan accordingly and make the most out of your application. Information is also organized specifically for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and international students.